Organizing Your Writing Like a Boss

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

How to make your thesis statement brilliant

  • Make it specific, but not too specific.
  • Indicate what you are going to write about later.
  • Don’t begin with “This paper” and other cookie-cutter phrases.
  • Show valid support.
  • Be assertive.

Create an outline that will keep you on track

  • Put your thesis statement at the top.
  • Write bullet points for each section of your paper.
  • Use keywords and phrases instead of detailed notes.
  • Number and order your outline in a logical manner.

Topic sentences are your best friends

  • A good topic sentence transitions from the previous paragraph and tells the reader what the current paragraph is about.
  • Find a balance between being too specific and too general.
  • They shouldn’t sound like they came out of the blue.

Transition to fruition

  • Make your transitions organic.
  • Ideally, you should have a transition at the beginning and end of each paragraph.
  • Use keywords and phrases from previous paragraphs.
  • A transition does not need to be longer than one sentence.

Conclude like a dude (or dudette)

  • Show why the paper was important.
  • Don’t just summarize. Synthesize. Show how your main points and examples fit together.
  • Give readers something to think about after reading your paper.
  • Don’t apologize or sound timid.


  • Read your paper out loud while editing. You will hear different mistakes where a silent reading does not allow you to notice such mistakes.
  • Read your paper backwards, from bottom to top. It may sound weird, but it will help your brain to find flaws you wouldn’t see normally.